Quilt Building

Old Lacoochee School


This was the first historically significant building to be moved to the Museum Grounds, the old Lacoochee School, was acquired in 1976, only a few weeks before it was scheduled to be torn down. Although built in the 1930's as a part of a complex of frame school buildings and used as a first grade building, the structure is architecturally typical of the one room school houses of an earlier period. The school has been restored and furnished in the style of the one room schools prevalent in Pioneer Florida. The addition of electric lights, salvaged from another 20th century school building, has made the Old Lacoochee School available for use as a classroom for tours and meetings offered by the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village.


Enterprise Church
This was built in 1878. The original structure was built by local residents and replaced in 1903 at the cost of $500.00. In 1977 the church was moved to the Museum to preserve. Wedding are still performed at the Church. This is a beautiful setting anytime of the year.